1–2–3 Carpet Beetle Control


How to Control Carpet Beetles and Protect Carpet

About Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle include Black Carpet Beetle, the Common Carpet Beetle, the Varied Carpet Beetle (shown), the Furniture Carpet Beetle and a close cousin, the Fur Beetle, have all been introduced to New Zealand and are frequently found devouring the woollens and carpets of New Zealand homes.

Larvae are likely to be underneath the carpet where they chew through the fibres leaving the upper fibres to come loose.

The carpet beetle larva (grubs often called woolly bears) and several other insect larvae such as hide beetle, larder beetle, clothes moth and case moth, destroy carpet and other natural fibrous material. Carpet beetle, larder beetle and hide beetle are members of a group known as the dermestid beetles and are pests of considerable economic importance throughout the world by damaging a wide variety of stored products.

About Other Carpet Damaging Pests

While the clothes moth, carpet beetle and hide beetle larvae eat natural fibres such as wool, the case moth larvae use the fibres of natural or synthetic material to encase themselves in a protective tube of fibres.

Case moth larvae are often not recognised as being alive. They look like small rolled pieces of carpet but you may be able to see the brown head of the larva sticking out one end. The adults are small brown moths that often congregate in the upper corners of rooms.

From left to right: Woolley bear (carpet beetle larva), Varied carpet beetle adult (the black carpet beetle is similar but all black), clothes moth adult, case bearing moth larva.

Kiwicare 1-2-3 Carpet Beetle Control controls adults and larvae of:


For all carpet damaging insects

  1. Spray – If you are able to lift the edges of the carpet (~30 cm); vacuum under the edge then spray the floor below and the underside of the carpet with NO Bugs Super. Put the carpet back down and lightly spray the upper surface in a band about a metre wide around the edge and affected areas. If the edge of the carpet cannot easily be lifted then spray the upper surface relatively heavily using NO Spiders Total Solution. [NO Spiders Total Solution will move through the carpet to the underside more easily than No Bugs Super.]
  2. Fumigate/Bomb – After spraying with NO Bugs Super or NO Spiders Total Solution use NO Bugs Super Bug Bombs to quickly knock down adult beetles and moths and treat areas that may not have been sprayed. NO Bugs Super Bug Bombs contain the same active ingredients as NO Spiders Total Solution and similar to NO Bugs Super. It will enhance the effectiveness of the targeted spray treatment. Consider woollen items and other food for fibre damaging pest in roof voids, NO Bugs Super Bug Bombs are an ideal way to treat roof voids and other voids where insects may be living.
  3. Vacuum and Monitor – After treatment, vacuum thoroughly to remove eggs, dead beetles, moths and larvae.

Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately afterwards by sealing in a plastic bag and placing in the rubbish.

Install NO Clothes Moth Traps.

For Best Results

See the short video on kiwicare.co.nz for more information on control of carpet beetle and other fibre pests.


Keep all animals out of the area being treated during treatment and until all sprays have dried completely.


Source: www.kiwicare.co.nz